There are a number of issues that arouse the curiosity of bettors less familiar with the betting exchange system, and thus we are going to make an effort to make clear the most important points regarding sports betting at 1xbet .

What is the difference between 1xbet and a ‘traditional’ bookmaker?

– In a “conventional” bookmaker, the company bears the risk and pays the gamblers’ winnings, while at 1xbet other bettors are able to bear the risk. The company only serves as an intermediary between bettors and charges a small commission on profits, which ends up paying off in most cases.

Why are 1xbet’s odds better than the competition’s?

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Because there is no ‘margin’ on the house, but rather a profit commission, 1xbet’s odds are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, better than traditional bookmakers.1хбет мобильная версия регистрация In certain events and for some alternatives, you’ll be able to bet at odds two, three or maybe more times higher. For example, about two months ago, one of our collaborators made a bet on an ‘outsider’ horse that paid 250 Euros for 1 Euro bet on 1xbet. In other houses, the maximum you would get is 50 Euros !! He had to pay 5% on the profit, which became about 12 euros. After removing the commission from the house, he made a profit almost 5 times higher than if he had placed the bet on any other site !! In this and many other cases, 1xbet provides exceptional added value in profits. For an experienced user familiar with the world of sports betting, opening a 1xbet account is almost mandatory. Although it seems a bit complicated at first, it is easy to learn and after that small initial period, it’s going to be very difficult to place a bet on any other site without first checking 1xbet’s odds.

How can a betting exchange work?

– Basically, it is the users who support the bets of other users, in a system similar to that of a banker. Imagine that you wish to bet on the victory of team X, with odds of 3.00. To enable your bet to be matched, someone else must accept the risk, and bet that the team does not win. If you bet 100 € and win, you will have 200 € in profit, and the user who accepted the risk will lose the exact same 200 €. If you lose, you will lose your 100 €, and the other user will win the 100 € on which you agreed to be a ‘banker’. It sounds complicated, but it is a extremely simple system after a few experimental bets. To open your account now and start learning how to use the system, click this link .

Is 1xbet safe? Is my money guaranteed in full?

You will hardly find a company with such liquidity in the betting world. 1xbet is the largest betting exchange on the planet and moves over 50 million euros a week! It offers more than 3 million customers worldwide and is a renowned and respected name in the medium.

What other reasons is there for opening a 1xbet account?

In addition to all the obvious reasons already mentioned above, we also highlight the support and internet site in Portuguese, the variety of payment methods (1xbet accepts Paypal, Moneybookers, Various cards, paysafecard, among many others), the wide variety of markets that ranging from football to non-sporting events, such as elections, television contests, etc., and also the excellent service ‘1xbet Live Video’, makes it possible for you to watch hundreds of live events every week, with emphasis on the Spanish, French, Dutch and tennis tournaments, golf, cricket, horse racing, etc. For the more experienced, there was the possibility of trading, an activity that can be extremely profitable and that involves a small investment. To learn more about trading, see our complete guide .

See also our detailed article on the advantages and disadvantages of 1xbet .

How do I open an account?

Just click on this link or the banner below and fill out the form. Additionally, you will earn an exclusive initial bonus to try one of the best bookmakers in the world without risk.

1xbet is one of the best bookmakers in the world and in Brazil it would be no different, this has prepared a special offer with a focus on the new players of the house. That is, with the 1xbet promo code you obtain several bonuses!

If we are talking about sports betting exchange, 1xbet Brasil has an excellent welcome offer! When depositing over R $ 10 you obtain a bonus of up to R $ 200 + 20 free spins . Moving to the sports area, when you invite a friend, it is possible to win up to R $ 200 in bonuses or, if you place multiple bets in the number of R $ 60 or maybe more, you also earn R $ 20 in free bets.

We also have to mention the bonuses that await you in the casino area, that is, they are 300% up to R $ 1200 + 20 free spins and attractive jackpots or for poker players, there is a 200% offer up to R $ 800 + free tickets for poker tournaments.

Stay tuned as 1xbet Brasil online is obviously offering temporary promotions, so be sure to always check it out. On this page you still have access to the areas of poker, slots, arcade, bingo, virtual sports and lottery , including in the application 1xbet. Below we detail in our review how to earn bonuses and register.

1. How to register with 1xbet Brasil?

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Initially, use our link contained in this platform and you’ll be directed to the 1xbet page , a short while later, the user must just press the “Register” button and a registration form will be available. This will contain personal data and data that will make up your account , for example, currency unit of the 1xbet account. There will be no need to fill in the 1xbet promotion code, since when accessing the page through our link, it really is already filled in automatically .

Sign up with 1xbet

2. Sports Betting and 1xbet Exchange

The sports betting area, without a doubt, is full of different sports to place your bet and, in addition, it has ‘exchange bets’, you’ll be able to trade in this house as on the stock exchange .

With the versatility of choices available to users, promotions were not left out. Initially, new users can guarantee up to R $ 200 + 20 free spins on first deposit . It is very important to remember that in order to qualify for this promotion, just place a minimum bet of r $ 10, the odds used must not be not as much as 1.5 and this users need a period of 30 days after registering to make it.

Enroll using the link on this page and automatically the JohnnyBet code is included in the 1xbet reference code field .

Enroll with 1xbet and Receive Excellent Bonuses of up to R $ 200

It should also be noted that the promotion is valid only for the 1xbet exchange section (minimum bet of R $ 10) and, for now, it only covers Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

Invite friend and earn a R $ 20 / $ 5 bonus for each friend invited . To guarantee the bonus, you only need to make a minimum deposit of R $ 20 within fortnight. And, best of all, up to 10 friends are invited, a total of R $ 200.

Take the opportunity to check online sports betting predictions before placing your guess, are free betting tips that can be found in our community, learn more in our content. We remind you that the Terms and Conditions must always be consulted before making your deposit at the bookmakers.

3. 1xbet Casino and Poker

Recently, 1xbet’s dedicated casino and poker offerings have emerged, which has been pleasing to its users. In the casino part, for example, players guarantee a plus of 300% up to R $ 1200 + 20 free spins, that is, with the first deposit on this page your bonus will be 3 times higher and with the guarantee of free spins in the slots.

On the other hand, should you want to try your luck playing poker, a promotion has also been launched for such users, there are 200% up to R $ 800 + R $ 2000 in tickets to free poker tournaments , a plus also pertaining to initial deposit on the page. Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions to enable you to withdraw money at 1xbet.

Enjoy and Meet the Berfair Games and Compete for Prizes!

In addition to being able to take advantage of the areas mentioned above, there are also lottery areas, live casino, exchange games, bingo and virtual sports and the variety is not only in the areas, because the range games and developers is excellent .

For players and bettors residing in Portugal , unfortunately 1xbet does not yet accept users using this country , so please consult the list of legal bookmakers in Portugal , some of which also have a casino area. And, don’t forget to use the link on this page to guarantee the 1xbet bonus.

4. FAQ – Questions and Answers

4.1 ❓ What is the 1xbet invitation code or promotion code?

At the time of registration, there is a field called promotion code / invitation code, to start, users must press the link found on this page and complete the registration at 1xbet.

4.2 ❓How to bet on 1xbet?

Betting on 1xbet is very simple, after registering, make the first deposit, select the desired event, select the odds, enter how much (R $) you wish to place in bets and hit the “Place Bets” button.

4.3 Is 1xbet reliable to bet?

Yes, 1xbet is safe. This page, in addition to being licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and Gambling Commission, 1xbet is guaranteed in full by the Norton seal, that is, no malware was found .

4.4 ❓How to download the 1xbet app?

the 1xbet home page, it is possible to identify the “Mobile” button, press, later you will be directed to the sports app or exchange app choices, just press to download.